12 Billion Miles Away and On Your TV

Ever wondered how a probe called Voyager managed to make it 12 billion miles away from this pale blue dot? Well two days after enjoying the total solar eclipse, you can find out all about the farthest human-made object from Earth on PBS.

On August 23rd, PBS is airing a documentary titled, The Farthest, about the creation and discoveries of the Voyager probe. It will be a two hour documentary which was created in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Voyager space probe. One of the coolest parts of this probe to me is the Golden Record. I always wonder how it’s possible to consolidate all of humanity and earth onto a single record for anyone out in space who may find it. The list of music included in the record surprised me because I didn’t consider all the different instruments and cultures that needed to be included in the list. One of the oddest things I found included in the scenes was a demonstration of licking, eating, and drinking.


It is hard for me to imagine how life could develop so differently somewhere else in the universe. These things that seem so universal like eating, the sound of footsteps, or even the sound of thunder are not necessarily such a normal thing for an alien species. So in August, after you finish marveling at the total Solar Eclipse, spend some time pondering our place in the universe while learning about a historic quest into interstellar space.





  1. This should be a very interesting documentary. It is shocking to me that the Voyager mission was launched almost 40 years ago. There is likely more computing power in an Iphone 7 than there was in the Voyager crafts, yet they are now in interstellar space after 40 years of traveling. Amazing that we have been able to accomplish so much with such rudimentary technology; I can’t wait to see what we can do now.


    1. Yeah it’s really cool. In one of the trailers for it, one of the engineers said that they had computers that took up entire rooms with about the amount of computing power as a key fob for a car.


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