Star Chart App

            It’s always fun to stare at the night sky! Yet stargazing is always more fun when you know what you are looking at in the sky. I always find it difficult to remember everything I am looking at. I also find it confusing to look on a 2D screen of my phone or computer to figure out where each star or planet is. After looking at several different programs and apps, I found the StarChart app.     

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StarChart is a really simple and user-friendly app that helps me understand what I am seeing in the sky. It uses GPS on your phone to show you features of space that you can’t necessarily see. You just point your phone toward the sky and it labels everything in the sky as if you are looking through your phone’s camera. As you move around, the app shows what you are looking at. If you point your phone at the ground, it will even show you what appears on the other side of the earth. Besides showing planets and stars, the app has images and will show you locations of galaxies, satellites, and moons. It is a really fun and interesting app to use when observing the night sky. There is also both an IPhone and Android version!


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  1. I always like looking at the night sky, and observing the moon phase and star positions. However, I don’t know what I am looking at for the most of the time. I really think that the StarChart app is super awesome and useful. The images and information of satellites, stars and constellations it is able to present really make looking at the night sky much more interesting and instructive to me!


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